You know how women don't receive exceptional support and CLEAR guidance regarding fitness during and after the deeply transforming process of pregnancy?

Yeah, we're here to solve that...

Hi! I'm Samantha

I specialize in functional core & strength training for women

Because, like you, I am FED UP with women being left to question, "Why on earth did no one tell me [this]?" regarding their prenatal and postpartum fitness and wellness... a question I once asked, too. 

Wholeness is Your Birthright

After having my first two sons just 17 months apart and walking my own journey of postnatal depletion and core dysfunction,

I now partner with women through all stages of motherhood to provide a whole-being, proactive approach to prenatal & postpartum fitness that includes: 

Deep Core Training,

Functional Strength Training, and

Restorative Nutrition

...tailored to meet the unique needs of bodies that have nurtured life. 

Be My Coach

A Truly Holistic Approach

When I become your coach, you begin benefiting immediately from the expertise of a carefully curated team of women's wellness specialists. I partner with pelvic floor therapists and qualified, deeply passionate women's health counselors & coaches to deliver the well-rounded, reliable tools that you deserve and need in order to unlock and enjoy new levels of health, vibrancy and breakthrough in your own wellness journey...

Your Body

is an incredibly sophisticated, seamlessly integrated, resoundingly resilient System;

And it is from this deep appreciation for the miraculous nature of your body and being that we are able to honor your journey and rejuvenate your deep core function and beyond -

So that you can authentically feel and BE strong to your core! 

I Want To Experience This

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To find the program best-suited for you, please select the description that best aligns with your reason for being here...

I serve prenatal and/or postnatal clients as a childbirth educator, healthcare provider, wellness specialist, etc.

For My Clients

I am trying to conceive, currently pregnant, or mom to children of any age (infant through adult children)

For Me

I am a gym manager or fitness coach/ trainer

For My Gym

I am a business owner or human resources representative

For My Employees

Signature Program for Groups & Organizations

Be a change-agent for maternal wellness in your sphere,

And offer your female clients, employees, or group members this deeply enriching, evidence-based means of understanding and proactively caring for their bodies during the profound transformation of prenatal and postnatal seasons.

Coming Soon

The Nurture Your Strong Membership

Richly Nurture and Deeply Revitalize Your Body; 

As You Competently, Fearlessly Crank Up Your Strength and Confidence with a Refreshingly Holistic Approach to Deep Core and Whole-Being Restoration!

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