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Strengthen Your Totally Amazing Mom Bod and Core

With a Refreshingly Holistic* Approach to Deep Core Training for Moms of All Ages and Stages!

*An innovative, interdisciplinary program for women who are pregnant and any duration postpartum that masterfully addresses the variables essential to your success, in which everything is broken down into simple-to-implement steps.

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Do Any of These Describe You?

(A) I'm currently trying to conceive or am pregnant

(B) I'm a mom of kiddos (any age)

(C) I have grandchildren and/or adult children

...Whose tummy looks and feels distinctly different since your most recent/ last pregnancy, or

...Who is wondering WHY ON EARTH you were not told about how to proactively 'pre-hab' your core during pregancy and/or effectively rehab your core after pregnancy, or

...Who wants to proactively avoid or currently is experiencing signals or symptoms of core dysfunction, or

...Who wants to safely and confidently restore core function and overall strength so that you can feel at home in your body, and keep up with and enjoy your family, hobbies, and personal or professional goals?

If so, then you probably already know that you need reliable, specific-to-you, easy-to-implement guidance, and a workable plan. And here's the thing...

This straight-forward, evidence-based, and holistic program will:

Dramatically Improve Core Function and Appearance

Once you have the right training program that effectively addresses your wonderfully unique body's needs, you will be able to understand and master the life-giving ability to tune in and connect with your core like never before, and effectively, progressively strengthen your core and body in order to achieve your goals. Doing so can improve and even completely resolve common complaints.

Deepen Your Understanding and Awareness of Your Prenatal or Postpartum Body and Core

Knowledge produces understanding, and understanding produces compassion: our pregnant and postpartum bodies need both enhanced understanding and compassion following the resoundingly impactful experiences of pregnancy and birth. Learning about your body's processes of adaptation and recovery will change the ways in which you perceive, care for, exercise, and nourish it, informing your goals and approach, and improving your results.

Fortify the Foundation of Your Stability and Strength

Healthy core function, gut-health, and functional strength are key components of your ability to take on the intense physical demands of motherhood, keep up with and enjoy your children or grandchildren, safely engage in your favorite exercises and physical activities, relieve aches and pains, and feel sexy, confident and strong.

Proactively Equip Your Body for Your Future


Birth and Postpartum Recovery:

If you currently are pregnant, you have the exciting opportunity to proactively 'pre-hab' your core and body in preparation for your baby's birth and your postpartum recovery.

Planning for a Future Pregnancy:

If you feel that you are not yet done growing your family, doing your part to make sure that your core and body are healed and functioning well will be a serious game-changer for your next pregnancy, birth, and postpartum recovery.


Due to diminished estrogen levels associated with menopause, symptoms linked to long-standing core and pelvic floor dysfunction can set up shop, EVEN IF you had been asymptomatic (without symptoms) previously. Don't allow you core and pelvic floor to be at an early disadvantage: take early action.

Enable You to Become the Strongest, Most Confident, Most Knowledgeable About Your Body You've Ever Been

Pregnancy AND postpartum BOTH are places of honor and strength, not brokenness. You can be your STRONGEST, most CONFIDENT, HEALTHIEST self after babies!

Now, even though the desire to safely and effectively strengthen your core and body is alive and well, the process involved in actually doing it is annoyingly unclear...

5 Reasons Most Programs Fail Women

Reason No. 1

Promising quick fixes not backed by science or evidence, with a misguided focus on appearance over function


It is incredibly frustrating that this happens, but the reality is that unethical coaches and healthcare providers stand to profit when you believe the lie that you need to bounce back ASAP, that your body needs extensive fixing, or that your body is beyond repair.


The truth is, pregnancy has profoundly impacted and transformed your body, and this merits a degree of knowledge, skill and care that inherently is more refined and more specific than for someone who has never been pregnant.


With the right program and team of experts in your corner, you can be your strongest and healthiest version of you this world has seen yet! 

Reason No. 2

Either failing to acknowledge or failing to have a plan in place to provide effective support, given that most women will struggle with properly executing core exercises when they are first learning them


When it comes to effective deep core training, getting the subtle muscle contractions right matters - and most women will struggle to do them correctly when they are first learning. One reason for this challenge is that many women will be learning to bring conscious awareness to muscles that, until now, they likely haven't had to (or haven't known how to) give much thought at all. Banging out corrective core exercises isn't enough - doing them correctly is the key, and this requires quality coaching and support.

Reason No. 3

Progressing exercises either too quickly or insufficiently, and failing to adequately prioritize functional deep core training


There is an art and science to identifying the right combination of exercises to challenge your core at the level that is appropriate for you...


Make it too challenging, and you can over-tax and strain the muscles and connective tissues. But err on the side of caution and make the program too basic, and you'll miss out on progress.

Plus, life is 3-D: you're moving, twisting and lifting all day long. Your life is demanding and dynamic. You don't live your life on the floor, so your core training shouldn't be limited to the floor, either. 

Reason No. 4

Misguidedly assuming that personal experience is equivalent to qualification 


I am a mother of two children just 17 months apart, and I have restored my own healthy core function after living with impairment from diastasis rectus abdominis. This improves my ability to empathize and communicate with fellow moms, but it cannot stand-in as my qualification to coach women.


While we all respect the school of hard-knocks, don't overlook the importance of your trainer's expertise, especially as it relates to the unique experiences, needs and considerations of pregnant and postpartum bodies.

Reason No. 5

Failure to account for and address the variety of factors at play within the bodies of pregnant and postpartum women that impact muscular and connective tissue function and strength

 Your body is miraculously, wonderfully complex and unique. So it's probably unsurprising to learn that there are a variety of factors at play in the fortification or restoration of core function.


Creating an authentically interdisciplinary, holistic approach requires innovative, connection-oriented professionals who aren't threatened by collaboration, and this is surprisingly rare.

Want in on a little secret?



Even though we know that our cores and bodies need to be lovingly 'prehabed' during pregnancy and rehabed after pregnancy, there are a lot of non-evidence-based, opinion-heavy and personal-experience-heavy recommendations being offered to women.

The barriers to core and full-body restoration for women during and after pregnancy are many and problematic.

And the main reason for this, is a lack of actionable, evidence-based recommendations that actually help women achieve their specific goals in the context of their unique body, experiences and preferences.

But as long as you can avoid the biggest issues that prevent most moms from effectively using exercise to celebrate and strengthen their bodies,

You're golden.


The key ingredient to all of this is the know-how to confidently and safely strengthen your core and body,


And with your permission, I would love to show you how to do just that...


CORE reBOOT CAMP is for women in any stage of motherhood (including hoping for pregnancy, currently pregnant, or any duration postpartum), who want to strengthen their core + pelvic floor from the ground up. It's the only interdisciplinary program of its kind that masterfully addresses the variables essential to your deep core's restoration, in which everything is broken down into simple-to-implement steps...

Inside CORE reBOOT CAMP, You Will:

Target the variables most important to prenatal & postpartum deep core restoration, and feel way stronger.

Understand your core and pelvic floor better than ever before, and feel so much more connected to the muscles of your Deep Core.

Fully heal and competently fortify & restore your Deep Core's function and strength. 

Experience freedom from the symptoms of core dysfunction that are weighing you down, including (and not limited to) stuff like low back pain, urinary incontinence, etc..

Love seeing definition in your abs starting to peek through and then become increasingly pronounced, and noticing the way your progressively tighter tummy looks in the mirror and feels in clothes. These feelings and observations will be AMPLIFIED as you continue to practice and implement your new skills.

Enjoy the advantages of functional strength training carried out in a way that is of pure benefit for your prenatal or postpartum body. You will go from feeling unsure about how to safely and effectively incorporate strength training into your life, to feeling capable, confident and strong! You will adore feeling stronger and better-able to take on and enjoy your physically demanding days.

Here's Exactly What You Get When you Join:

>> Samantha's signature, step-by-step system co-taught with Dr. Kelsey Beach, DPT that makes progress accessible and easy as you explore, increase your awareness, and train your incredibly intricate, resilient and powerful deep core system

>>Instruction on core engagement in daily life and exercise

>>Succinct coaching videos to help you train the essential trifecta of mobility, static stability and dynamic stability

>>Each week, a fresh #COTW (Circuit of the Week) that is challenging, fun, and effective will be added to your portal

>>Growing library of functional strength training exercises

>>Library of pre-recorded upper body and lower body sculpt workouts, and mommy-and-me workouts designed with kids in mind!

>>Convenient, on-the-go access to the program on your smart phone via our app

>>Unlimited to access to everything inside the Nurture Your Strong membership, including the Restorative Nourishment Reset for Mothers

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Meet the Passionate Team of Women's Wellness Specialists Who Are the Content Contributors & Reviewers:

Prenatal & Postnatal Coach Samantha Dorsey

Meet the creator CORE reBOOT CAMP! Samantha is a mother of three sons. She is the owner of proACTIVE MOMS, a certified prenatal & postnatal coach, certified postnatal fitness specialist, functional movement certified professional (levels one and two), and certified personal trainer.

One of her deepest passions is helping women proactively take their whole-being wellness into their own hands, and equipping them to live life in freedom and wholeness from within. She wants to see YOU feeling strong to your core!

Pelvic Floor Therapist Dr. Kelsey Beach, DPT

Kelsey is a doctor of physical therapy and specializes in pelvic floor therapy. She is the owner of enCORE Therapy & Performance, and is on a mission to empower women to rediscover their bodies, starting with our pelvic floors and cores. Dr. Kelsey loves dismantling the stigma and shame in discussing pelvic dysfunction, and she is a leader in the revolution of nurturing strong women, inside and out.